Money Making Opportunities at Blip TV as Show Creator

Blip TV is an internet television network. As a show creator, you have the opportunity to make money by participating in the advertising program. The program is entirely voluntary and it’s FREE. You get to choose the format of advertisement like preroll, overlay and postroll. Revenue generated through video advertising will be split 50/50 between Blip TV and you.

The money making opportunities at Blip TV is simple. You make the videos, opt in the advertising program and start making money. The amount of money you’ll make depends on the type of videos created, popularity among viewers, geographic location and many other factors. Generally viewers in the US generate more money compare to viewers from other places. That means the videos created need to be viewable for all ages, interesting and targeted for US viewers. There is a possibility that you can make a lot of money but it’s all depends on your creativity and popularity of the show.

Payments are done quarterly and minimum payout is $25. Payments less than $600 are sent by PayPal. Payments which are more than $600 will be sent by check. The only problem we need to take care is that we have to submit an IRS W-9 form if we earn more than $600 within a year. Plus we will only get paid when advertisers make their payments. Although I might not have much information on how much money we can make exactly, but there is an example of a show with 100,000 views per month which makes about $1900. That means you’ll make about $20 if your show receive about 1000 views per month. This is just a rough estimation of the potential of this money making opportunities.

P/S: I suppose this is an alternative advertising company other than Google Youtube. Especially those who are into video creating hobby or business, this is a way to make extra money.



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2 Responses to “Money Making Opportunities at Blip TV as Show Creator”

  1. Mark says:

    This is a good opportunity, but keep in mind that you need to upload original videos on blip, not that one that are already uploaded on Youtube. The same apply for Break.

  2. Q says:

    Woof, I can only wish that the rate was $20 per 1000 views! It’s more like a modest $8 to $10 right now, which is still a ton better than YouTube. I’ve had friends sign on to the YouTube Partnership that would get 20,000 hits on a video and fail to reach 10 cents.

    There was a long stretch in 2009 where blip was paying just 10 cents per 1000 views, so be wary of the site being able to remain consistent. There was a rare month where it did jump up to $20/1000, but it was just that one rare month.

    I’m not complaining about getting only $10/1000 right now, though. I’m on the verge of getting about 100,000 to 150,000 views monthly on blip, myself. Now that they’re switching to monthly payouts instead of quarterly, it’ll be really nice to receive a potential check of $1,000+ every month.

    Making money from internet video production is extremely difficult and almost impossible. I chalk up my success to dumb luck. Never did I think I would ever break even on the internet shows I’ve produced, but I just recently passed $10,000 in lifetime earnings on blip. I’ve spent roughly $1,500 over the years on things like computer parts for video editing and a better camcorder.

    I have been extremely lucky to be one of the few to make such an amount from simple internet video production. There is probably only 1 person for every 100,000 users on YouTube that can amass that much money.

    If you’re someone new out there that wants to make money from making videos for the internet, the best I can do is just wish you good luck. I’m one of the very few that made it legitimately. There’s a lot of people out there like Fred that are really just a corporation faking viral videos and then paying a marketing firm to try and get the video to go viral. I wouldn’t hate Fred as much if he joined the cell-phone corporation he worked for AFTER he started his show, but he in fact was part of their company BEFOREHAND, making his seemingly one-man-show viral video a corporate-produced fraud.

    Anyway, good luck if you think you can make money out there. You can have the best, most original and awesome show ever to hit YouTube. And you’ll still only get 15 hits on it per year.

    -Anonymous blip user that makes ~$750/mo