Money Making Opportunities at Bigstock

photo money making opportunitiesBigstock is a marketplace that fills with quality stock images. There are more than 4 million of royalty free photographs and illustrations available. These are the work or creation from talented photographers, artists and professionals from all around the world. Bigstock also known as BigStockPhoto was founded in Davis, California in 2004. It was only recently in 2010 BigStockPhoto took a shorter name call Bigstock.

The money making opportunities at Bigstock is obvious. You basically sell your images or photos to make money. You just have to sign up for an account, complete the contributors’ tutorial and you can start to upload images. Your images will be review before releases. Good news is you get to keep the copyrights of your work. You make money when customers download your images. Each images goes up to $3 per download. You can make more money from $2.50 to $60 per download if you sign up for the Special Licensing program. You can request payout once your earning reaches a minimum payout of $50. Payment can be done via PayPal or check.

I know you’ve heard this a thousand times but still I’m going to say it again and again. The best and only way to increase your money making opportunities at Bigstock is to improve the quality of your images. You can do that easily by continue to learn everything about photography. That includes how to capture good images, image editing and searching for unique images. You can also make use of the blog and forum at Bigstock as they provide lots of knowledge and learning material on photography. You will also find some tips on how to improve your money making opportunities at Bigstock too.

Another money making opportunities available at Bigstock is to become an affiliate. Here’s what you’ll get by referring customers to Bigstock. You get 35% of the first sale on each qualified new image buyer referred. You can make as much as $105 per sale just by referring potential customers. There are two types of affiliate programs that you can join. First is the standard affiliate program which you can add a link or a Bigstock graphic to your site, blog, email signature or forum. You’ll make $5 when a new photographer or artist you referred achieves 75 approved image uploads. Second is the premium affiliate program which you can add a photo library or a photo search tool. You can also customize the tools to fit and blend in to your blog or site. The best part of becoming a premium affiliate is you get a link back from Bigstock resources page.

I remember that a big part of ProBlogger Darren Rowse earning is from an image site. If you’re interested in images, pictures or photography, it might be a good idea to build yourself a site or blog about it. Who knows your little interest might become an unexpected money making opportunities.



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