Money Making Opportunities at Article Income

writing money making opportunitiesMoney Making Opportunities at Article Income is simple. You just have to write and submit articles to the website. Article Income does not pay you directly but will share the traffic that you draw from the articles you submit. This is another website just like Hugpages, Blogburner, Xomba and Squidoo.

Sign up is FREE. You’re allowed to write and submit any topic of your interest. Approval will be done within 24 hours. The site seems to implement auto checking and rating system to expedite the publishing time so that users can make money as soon as possible. One thing I notice is that not many articles seem to publish lately. At the beginning users will earn 50% of the impression time which display their own Google Adsense code. A maximum of 75% impression can be earned by users. The rest of the impression will eventually goes to Article Income. Users need to have a Google Adsense account and submit the code to the site in order to make money.

There is a lot of similar websites just like Article Income which does not pay directly to content creators. This online business concept benefits site owner because they don’t have to handle payments. As there are so many similar websites online, content creators do not have to stick with just one website. Content creators will just go for those websites which help make the most money. In order to survive the competition, site owner needs to make sure that content creator makes money, and lots of it.

P/S: If I can make more money writing for Article Income, no doubt I’ll stay and keep on submitting my articles. I suppose most content creators will agreed on this.



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