Money Making Opportunities at America Online AOL

Actually this is more like career opportunities introduction instead of money making opportunities at America Online AOL. We often heard or told that jobs at Google are great because of the freedom, enjoyment, excitement, facilities, environment and the food. I think many people already know this as you can read about it online, watch the video clips at YouTube and TV. This leads to a question that I always wanted to ask around. Is Google the only company which provides such great working environment and benefits? How about Yahoo, Bing and AOL? All these companies are within the same category as online advertisement business. I’m guessing it should be more a less the same, but I might be wrong. If any of you who are or used to work in any of the company above and happen to bump into this blog post, it will be nice to hear your side of working experience and opinion.

As I check out one the company discussed above, it seems that America Online AOL has a lot of jobs opportunities within US and some other location in the world. You may check out AOL job search openings according to brand, market location, area of interest, languages and keywords. I did a brief searching for all available opening jobs opportunities and to my surprise there are about 400 jobs available. Most of the job positions are listed as full time but still you’ll find some intern jobs. I’m especially interested in the intern jobs as that’s the best way to experience the working environment and get to know how an online advertisement company operates. Below is part of the employment benefits I gather from America Online AOL.

Our Total Rewards philosophy supports your lifestyle and gives you peace of mind so you can focus on what’s important to you — family, work, and life. We offer a wide range of benefit choices that enable you to design or select the benefits package that fits your needs.

Total Rewards also include competitive compensation, flexible time-away options, learning opportunities and a strong belief that each individual needs support to balance work and life.

I guess you just have to get employed into AOL to figure it out yourselves.



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  1. James says:

    To be honest, I was not informed about vacancies available at AOL, I will check it, it sounds like a good career possibility.