Money Making Opportunities at AccuTranGlobal as Financial Transcriber

transcriber money making opportunities onlineAccuTranGlobal is a financial transcription firm. The website is looking for suitable transcribers to join their organization. The money making opportunities online provided is actually a part time job. This is the kind of work which you can do from home or in other words “Home base”. The volume of work provided varies from time to time depending on the reporting seasons. Successful candidates will be transcribing financial sector conference calls, earnings release conference calls, conference presentations, interviews, analyst day meetings and so on. In order to qualify and accepted into the organization, candidates must possess good verbal and writing skill in English language. Good listening skills, spelling, punctuation abilities and updated general knowledge base are a must too. Candidates also require a minimum of 70 wpm typing speed.

Payments are done via check or wire transfer. Payout is done on 15th every month. The pay is calculated by word. It ranges from base rate of $0.005/word to $0.0066/word. Transcriber will receive 20% bonus for foreign calls from non-English countries and 20% bonus on calls with lots of technical terminology. Transcribers who manage to make $2000 or more within first six months will be paid $50 for their training.

Transcription software and online training will be provided. Transcriber must prepare own equipment such as computer, headphones, high speed internet access and so on. Although this is a part time job, candidates must be able to work under pressure because sometimes assignments are required to complete in hurry. Candidates must strike a balance between speed and quality.



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