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about money making opportunitiesThere are two money making opportunities available at You can make money either becoming a guide or writer at Founded in 1996, has been around for almost 14 years. is one of the top most visited sites online. According to the site there are 2.8 million articles on 70 thousand topics with 800 expert guides. Just do a search online and you’ll find an page easily in almost any topic. Judging from the large amount of traffic has, you can be sure there are lots of money making opportunities. The rewards are greater if you choose to become a guide. But that also requires spending more time as a guide. Regardless of which position you choose, you’ll get more than just the rewards from

Let’s take a look if you choose to become a guide at Basically you need to spend more time for the work but the rewards are much better than being a writer. is looking for passionate and experience writers to join the group of guides. Just check out the list of available topics which you’re interested and apply for it. Read through the topic description, qualification and stuff to cover before you send out your application. In order to qualify as a guide, you need to go through a two part online training program. That’s a one month training which include learning their editorial standards and writing articles using their publishing tools and posting it on their test site. So if you’re not serious about this then don’t bother go through all the trouble. You will be evaluated by editor and a final hiring decision will be made at the end of the process. As a qualified guide at, you’ll receive lots of benefits and advantages. You will get a compensation plan that offers a base monthly payment. That’s $675 minimum per month for the first two years and $500 minimum after. There is no maximum on how much you can make as it’s all depends on page view growth. Many guides at make up to $6000 per month and above.

If you choose to become a writer at, here’s what you’ll get. Basically the time or work and rewards are lesser compare to a guide. The qualification, rules and guidelines are more a less the same as being a guide. There is a list of available topics which you can choose to become a writer of. As a contributing writer you work alongside with guides. A writer needs to cover specific subtopic by producing a certain amount of content per month. In order to become a qualified writer, you need to go through a one month training program just like the above mention. The content of training is different and your work will be evaluated and a hiring decision will be made after the process. If you qualified as a writer, you’ll receive $500 minimum payment for the first year. After that you’ll get $250 minimum payment. That’s just the minimum payment safety net. If you keep on working on your content and your page view growth, there is no limit of how much you can make.

Finally pays on a monthly basis. About what payment method they used, I have no idea. I just can’t find any information regarding the payment method. Perhaps those of you who work with can tell us that. One thing that I like about is the guaranteed minimum payment safety net. That means if you do your work right then for sure you’ll get paid. That is actually helps eliminate the one big worry that most freelancers have by not making enough money to survive.

P/S: If you’re able to obtain a spot either as a guide or a writer, you’ll gain lots of exposure as a freelancer. The traffic and exposure that you get can help brings other money making opportunities. That’s the big picture that you should look at rather than just the rewards given by



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    This is a good opportunity and it is available for a long time, but it was well hidden. For SEO and development there is another one from DevShed which is also very high paying one if you do proper SEO on your articles. Huge amount of traffic is available immediately.

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    Thanks for sharing.

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    I haven’t really expored too much, but I will after reading this.

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