Money Making Opportunities as Translator at WorldLingo

WorldLingo is a leading innovator and provider of translation and localization services and technology. I think most of the companies which I introduced have similar way of making a good impression to visitors. WorldLingo was founded in 1998 and has been providing translating work for about 13 years. The company offers translation services around the world with offices in Europe, America, and Asia which provides local specialist and fast turnover quality projects.

There are several money making opportunities available at WorldLingo. Freelancers may apply for the job opening of translator and proofreaders or sales. The company is currently looking for two type of translator and they can be categorized as generalist and specialist. Please be remind that the company will only use translator for translation into native tongue with projects that are targeted for the reside country. That means you won’t be getting any projects from US if you’re not US resident. You can only get projects which are targeted in your country. Besides that it seems the qualification to get hired as a translator is high. Applicants need to have a recognized university degree, 5 years of continuous experience, membership of the professional translation association in your country and a copy of Trados 5 Freelance or better. If you think you’re up to the requirement, you may fill up the application form once you created a free account. Payments are done via PayPal or check. The company is always looking for talented translator pairing English with many other languages around the world. Keep an eye on the news as the company constantly looking for translators to fill up the immediate openings. You may even apply for the sales position at your location. WorldLingo is looking for salesperson with at least 3 years of experience in selling translation and localization services. The locations targeted are USA, Canada, UK and Europe.

It seems like it is not easy to get a job at WorldLingoas the requirements are high, but still you can always give it a try. The website also has free translation tools to process text, document, website and email with limited capability which you can make use of. If you have what it takes to become a translator at WorldLingo, it most certainly can polish your resume nicely.

P/S: I’m actually curious if there is anybody getting hired as freelance translator at WorldLingo as the entry requirement is high. I wonder how the paid is.



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