Money Making Opportunities and Traffic at Wix

website builder money making opportunitiesWix is actually a free website builder. It is an online tool which enables users to create flash website. A flash website definitely looks unique and special especially being display through iPad, iPhone or any other tablets and smartphone devices. So how do we make use of Wix for money making opportunities online and draws traffic? We can make use of the affiliate program form the site and the search engine friendly platform.

The affiliate program is how you make money with Wix. You may apply for the affiliate program but it seems like Wix will be reviewing all the applications. Applicants need to submit their site URL, traffic status, description, category and even an affiliate plan. That means Wix needs to know how applicants going to promote the free website builder. Banners and text links will be provided for those successful affiliate applicants. Affiliates will earn up to $80 commission for every new premium sales. Plus affiliate partners can also be rewarded on a revenue share basis of up to 45%. It definitely sounds like a good deal if you have viewers who are interested in designing and creating blog or website. Payments are done via PayPal. Minimum payout is $200. Payments are done monthly.

As Wix is a search engine friendly platform and it’s FREE, just go ahead and create your flash website. Use the flash website to promote your blog or website. Plus you can include additional features like online shop and flash clips which can help make the flash website unique and special. In fact you can make the flash website to target solely for tablets and smartphone users. The touch screen features works well with flash. You can promote the flash website using Google Adwords by just targeting tablets and smartphone users only. Check out some of the example websites at Wix and give it a try. No doubt this is another website builder targeted for tablets and smartphone users.



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