Money Making Opportunities and Freelance Writing Info at WritersWeekly

freelance writing money making opportunitiesAt WritersWeekly freelancers can find lots of money making opportunities and freelance writing information. WritersWeekly has a simple website theme but it is pack with information and resources. There are no pictures or any background graphic to attract readers but only words of announcement and information. It just gives me a sense of strictly freelance writing business.

There are lots of sections at WritersWeekly that freelancers should check out. The website has a books section that introduces their best selling ebooks related to writing, self employed and query letters. Although you need to pay for the ebooks but you get to see the introductions before deciding to get the ebooks. The articles and warning section is more about information and announcement of things related to freelance writing. Freelancers can find tips, scam and complaint information regarding freelance, writing, jobs, marketing and publishing. It’s a place where you’ll get inside information on what’s going on in the freelance world. Besides that the forum section also provides similar information but in this area every freelancers can sign up and participate in the discussion of a particular issue. Freelancers can also find jobs and assignments at the forum section. One special item at the forum section that caught my eye is the interview requests. It seems like freelance writers can post a notice seeking for interview subjects. As for the freelance jobs and assignments you can check out the markets section. Some of the freelance jobs listed are actually linked to craigslist, Journalismjobs and other freelance jobs website. But still at least the website is taking the effort of gathering necessary information for the benefits of freelancers.

There are 3 other special sections title self publishing resources, new writer resources and free reprints which I think it is a useful information for a freelance writer. I’ll let you check it out yourself as these 3 sections are just articles that full with words. It’s kind of boring unless you’re doing some research. Some of the information is 10 years back but still I think most of them are basics. If you’re a beginner in freelance writing, this information still benefits you.



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