Money Making Opportunities and Free Marketing Guides from VerticalResponse

email marketing money making opportunitiesVerticalResponse is a company that provides email marketing service for small businesses. Although I’m not into email marketing but still I think this is one of the methods which are helpful in pursuits of money making opportunities. VerticalResponse helps thousands of small businesses and non-profit organizations on their email marketing campaigns. If you’re into email marketing, VerticalResponse can simplify the work and make things easy for you to handle. VerticalResponse handles email marketing in a professional way and provides detail reports and statistic for business references. This helps reduces the time in doing research on email marketing and enable actions can be done efficiently. If you’re into email marketing and interested in this services, you may sign up an account and check out the 30 days risk free trial.

Actually my main intention of introducing VerticalResponse is the free marketing guides that we can download. 9 years plus of practical email marketing knowledge all can be downloaded in PDF format. Some of the titles available are Email Authentication, Grow Your Business With Affiliate Marketing, 10 Email Creation Tips and many more. Besides that you can also download other guides regarding survey, event, postcard and social media. VerticalResponse not just provides products and services but also sharing lots of marketing guides. This is the part that I like most about VerticalResponse.

You can make money at VerticalResponse by joining the affiliate program. Sign up is free but you need to go through with either one of the 3 affiliate networks. You need to choose between Commission Junction, LinkShare or Buyat. If you already have an existing account with any of the affiliate network, just apply to VerticalResponse program by using your existing login information. Once you’re an affiliate, you can start promoting VerticalResponse on your blog or website. You get paid for every user that sign up for the free trial and sends a test email campaign. You’ll get paid again once the user becomes a paying customer and purchases $5 or more in email credits. Best of all, the affiliate program has a 90 days cookies which credit the sales when a customer returns.

As VerticalResponse is one of the top 100 fastest growing businesses in San Francisco, the company is currently hiring lots of stuff. Some of the available positions are database Architect, software engineer, PR manager, product specialist, customer relations specialist and many more. You may check out the job opportunities on the About page at VerticalResponse.

P/S: My interest at first was only the free marking guides. But then later I discovered that VerticalResponse provides a lot more than just the free guides, products and the services. The company actually covers almost everything that a user needs, including blog, community, training, reports, gadgets and management.



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  1. Patric says:

    This tips are really basic, a proper email marketing campaign can be really expansive and need to be properly integrated with CRM tools. Usually takes longer to maximize results and after that sort and benchmark.