Mobile Money Making Opportunities with ShopKick

mobile money making opportunitiesShopKick is a smartphone app which rewards users while going shopping or visiting a shop. Although this mobile money making opportunities online does not reward users in terms of cash, users can obtain lots of benefits via discounts, vouchers, gift cards and free gifts. Sign up is FREE. Users can download the ShopKick app for FREE and the app is available for iPhone and Android. Basically users earn kick points by visiting or walking into the stores. The amount of kick points earn varies from 60 to 100 and users have to visit specific stores listed by ShopKick. As the app uses GPS system to track down your coordinates, users just have to open the app at the entrance of the store and wait for a few seconds. Once the app receive the signal and confirm your location, a big green welcome bubble will pop up. Users can also earn kick points by scanning a list of products provided. But there is limits on each product users are allow to scan. The kick points earned can use to redeem many different rewards. Some of the rewards include restaurant vouchers, iTune gift cards, Best Buy gift cards, Target gift cards, movie tickets and many more. Users can also earn kick points by sharing the app and becoming a ShopKick affiliate. For iPhone users, bonuses are scattered across different stores which users can check in and collect.

The GPS tracking system is the most interesting part in this app. It should be fun running around places collecting points. By the way, ShopKick is available in certain areas within US only.

P/S: Currently ShopKick is hiring. There is a lot of interesting positions available. All of the jobs listed are full time bases but I think it should be interesting to work with ShopKick.



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