Mobile Money Making Opportunities via Parking Panda

While pursuing for money making opportunities online, I tend to encounter some interesting ways to make money online. Check out Parking Panda as you might be able to make some money with your parking space. Basically you are able to make money by renting out your parking space, and this mobile app can help to market your parking space. Unfortunately, this mobile money making opportunity is not for everyone. Only specific location and land owners can make use of this mobile app. Currently this mobile app only works and live in DC, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Baltimore. Although there are plans to expand the service to other major cities in US, you just have to check back later.

It is free to rent your parking space. You just have to upload photos of the parking spot, set the price, the address and the days available. Parking Panda will take 20% off on each successful transaction that you make. Basically you will get 80% from the price that you set. Payments are done via check or direct deposit on the first week of every month.

Obviously Parking Panda is for those who lives and own a space in city where parking is difficult to get. If you own a space which able to rent out 5 parking spot, you can easily make some money every day. The idea of this mobile app is interesting. But as the owner of the parking space, you need to control the space and cars carefully. You have to make sure that the car coming in for the parking space is the one that purchase and make reservation via Parking Panda.



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