Mobile Money Making Opportunities Online for Apps Developers at Tapjoy

Tapjoy is another money making opportunities online for apps developers. Tapjoy has one simple goal for mobile developers.

Increase revenue generated by the app while delivering best experience for users.

I suppose most mobile apps developers are looking for the best advertising company which can maximize revenue generated by their apps. We have seen many similar mobile advertising companies but nobody can actually tell which company is the best. I suppose mobile apps developers just have to test it out one by one. Tapjoy has several interesting features which apps developers can make use of. The Tapjoy Marketplace can double app’s revenue by monetizing all users who unable to participate in in-app payments or unwilling to pay money. This feature allows apps developers to unlock additional revenue streams without affecting existing payments. There is also a feature call Tapjoy Featured App wihc shows on app startup which highlights a single featured offer with a full screen interstitial. Topjoy also offers turn-key virtual goods hosting service, virtual currency hosting service and game state hosting service for free to mobile apps developers. All the features presented are mainly focus on maximizing revenue. Mobile apps developers have to study carefully and check if their apps are suitable for Tapjoy. At the end of the day mobile apps developers have to make sure that users will not be disturb while using the apps.

Although it is said that publishers witness an increase of 50~300% revenue after adopting Tapjoy, you still have to be careful and test it out one step at a time. By the way, the minimum payout is $250.



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