Mobile Money Making Opportunities Online at Task Rabbit

Money Making Opportunities online at Task Rabbit is simple. Basically customers will be posting tasks with the amount of money willing to pay. Examples of tasks posted are delivery, laundry, house cleaning, accounting, carpentry, child care, website design, writing, catering, tutor, packing, eBay help, Craigslist Help and many more. The amount of money willing to pay is not visible to TaskRabbits or the person who will be taking on the job. TaskRabbits will have to place a bid to win the job. As there is no way to know how much customers are paying, TaskRabbits will have to place their bids according to task’s description, location, difficulties and time needed to complete the tasks. Although there is a service fee, but it is taken from the Task Price place by the customers. In other words, you will get the full amount if you win the bid for the job.

Sign up is free. Applicant will have to complete a video interview as well as a background check. It is going to take several weeks before getting approval. Remember that you are not guaranteed a spot even if you did great in the interview. The site only brings in new TaskRabbits based on current needs of the community. Payments are done via Check or PayPal. Minimum payout is $25. Currently the site only works in the US in certain cities only. Austin, Chicago, New York City, San Antonio, SF Bay Area, Boston, LA & OC, Portland and Seattle are the 9 cities which currently provide this service.

Another money making opportunities online available is to invite your friends to join TaskRabbits. You will earn $10 for each successful applicant who completed their first task. By the way, you can download the app provided for smartphone usage.



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