Mobile Money Making Opportunities Online at CheckPoints

mobile money making opportunitiesCheckPoints is a mobile money making opportunities just like GigWalk, Field Agent and WeReward. Instead of making money, CheckPoints users will be earning points by checking up grocery store, pharmacy, electronics store, department store, toy store and many more. Users don’t even have to purchase any products or services to earn points. They just simply have to check in the stores to earn points. The points can be used to redeem airlines miles, gift certificates and many more. Some of the things which users can redeems are Amazon gift certificates, Delta Skymiles, iPad gadgets or even donate to American Red Cross. Users also earn coins which can be used to play games in the bonus area to win thousands of points.

Sign up is FREE and so does downloading and installing the apps. The apps can be installed in iPhone and Android. By the way CheckPoints is only applicable in US. And user must be 13 years old and above. CheckPoints is not as attractive as other mobile money making opportunities online introduced before because users are unable to redeem the points for money. But still it gives another opportunity for mobile users to make use of their smartphone.

P/S: The money and benefits earn is a lot if you sign up for all 4 mobile money making opportunities and completes all the tasks available. Keep tuning in this blog as I’ll keep on searching and introducing similar mobile money making opportunities.



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