Mobile Money Making Opportunities from Sponsormob

mobile money making opportunitiesSponsormob is one of the first mobile CPA network in the world founded in 2006. It is also one of the best mobile affiliate network which focus mainly on mobile. Again this is an alternative money making opportunities online other than Google Adsense. Of cause your blog or website has to be targeting mobile devices. Either you are an Ad Network, RTB, DSP or an affiliate partner, Sponsormob is able to maximize your earnings. The site offers a wide variety of brand and performance campaigns, statistics, reports and even includes campaign managers to help you any way they can.

Payments are done via PayPal or bank transfer. Minimum payout is set at 50 Euros. Payouts are prepared and carry out once a moth at the beginning of each month. If your mobile site is able to earn a lot of money, payment can be process up to three times per month. If you are able to refer other publishers, you will earn 2.5% commission from the sales generated by your referral lifelong.

One thing I don’t like about Sponsormob is that a tax ID/VAT number is required for sign up. You might face some difficulties if you are not staying in Europe or US. I suppose you need to contact Sponsormob and work things out if you are from countries other than Europe or US. According to some of the research I found online, the site has a good reputation and their customer service is friendly. They should be able to help up with the tax ID/VAT number and your sign up.



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