Mobile Money Making Opportunities at WeReward by Completing Tasks

mobile money making opportunities onlineAnother mobile money making opportunities online that I found is WeReward. This website is similar with Gigwalk and Field Agent which I posted previously. User have to download and install their FREE mobile apps, goes around designated location completing tasks instructed, or take picture with a particular product. Users will earn points which later can be converted into money. Basically the method of making money with smartphone is almost the same. Just that some of the rules and regulations are set differently depending on the website. Good news about WeReward is that the FREE app is available for iPhone and Android smartphone.

WeReward is a product of IZEA. The company has a lot of experience in creating money making opportunities online for users. You should be familiar with the company if you have ever participated in making money writing blog post at PayPerPost. Sign up is FREE and the app required to install is FREE too. Users are able to link the account with Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. This is basically making full use of individual’s social network online for advertising. Users are also required to have a PayPal account for payment. Users are able to request for payout once accumulate 1000 points or $10. The first $10 payout should be easy to achieve, especially if you are staying in US. Just follow the instruction carefully and you’ll be able to earn your points. Most of the tasks involve taking picture of you at a particular location or with a product. It should be very easy.

WeReward also has a referral program which allows users to make extra points by recruiting new users. For each successful person introduced, you get 10% of all their verified check in points. You can make a lot of money if you refer a number of smartphone users who actively participate in WeReward.



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