Mobile Apps Money Making Opportunities Online at appbackr for Developers and Investors

mobile apps money making opportunities onlineAppbackr provides a unique platform for mobile apps developers and investors to work together in creating mobile apps. Mobile apps developers can make use of Appbackr to sell design concept and gather funds for apps development. Investors or known as backrs, can participate in the apps development by help funding the project. It is a place where mobile apps developer can get some funding and investors can earn some money funding the project.

Backrs will be purchasing wholesales copies from mobile apps developers. The apps can be still in development or currently for sale online. Once backrs make a purchase, the funds will be transfer to apps developers.  Apps developers can then use the funds to create or upgrade the apps. Once the final product of apps sold online at mobile app store, backrs will be paid according to the number of wholesales copies purchased initially. Take for example if backrs purchase 2 wholesales copies, they will gain revenue from 2 copies of the apps sold at mobile app store. The profit gain usually between 25% and 50% for every app sold. So if you really want to make more money, you will have to purchase more wholesales copies.

As a backr or a person who tries to make money by investing in a mobile app, there are several things we need to consider before funding a mobile app. We have to make sure that the end product or mobile apps can be well sold and there is a market for the product. Remember that we can only make money when people are buying the mobile apps that we invested. You just have to go through all the details before deciding which mobile apps to fund. The only question which we need to ask ourselves when deciding which mobile apps to fund is “Can this mobile app really sells?”

Payments are done vial PayPal. In worst case scenario if the mobile apps invested do not sell as well as expected, it is going to take a long time before you can get your money back. If developer chooses to remove the app from retail app store before backrs get all the money back, the developer will have to pay backrs the revenue owed. I have to say, this is actually a good way to invest.

P/S: Try to diversify the investment with lots of different mobile apps. The minimum funding seems to be at around USD11. It will be best to place around USD50 for each mobile app that you invest.



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