Mobile apps are turning Shopping and Grocery purchase into an activity to make money

The latest trend of money making opportunities online related to mobile seems to focus on customers spending. In other words users tend to make money while purchasing grocery or shopping. The opportunities of making money increases as users spend more money. It might sound a bit strange because at the end of the day, users are encourage to spend more but the money earned are not enough to cover the expenses. I’m guessing this is a mobile marketing strategy to push sales by giving some cash back to customers. You may consider this a discount for customers who purchase grocery or shopping using mobile apps.

Examples of the mobile apps that enable users to make money by shopping or purchasing grocery are Ebates, Ibotta, Snap by Groupon and Receipt Hog. No doubt you won’t be able to make a lot of money using these mobile apps but it does reduce a lot of daily expenses money. Since you are required to do some shopping and grocery purchase every month, why not doing it the mobile way as you are able to save money. Just try it out for couple of month and you might find yourself saving hundreds of dollars from shopping and grocery.

These money making opportunities mobile apps are definitely design for house wife who are responsible for household shopping and grocery. Before you decided to try out any mobile apps above, make sure to check if the services are available around your area. Remember to check and confirm the method to redeem too. Some mobile apps might require users to have a PayPal account for cash back.



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