Millennial Media Mobile Money Making Opportunities Online You Should Check Out

When it comes to choosing the best mobile advertising company either for mobile site or mobile apps, which company do you go for? Couple of popular companies which most publisher or apps developer usually go for are either Google or Apple. But which of these companies can really monetize your mobile site or mobile apps? Although it is advice to try it out and compare earning statistic, we can look at the company’s financial growth and decision made by other mobile site publisher and mobile apps developers.

One of the mobile advertising which publisher and apps developer should check out is Millennial Media. According to the blog post title “The Mobile Advertising Play That You’ve Been Waiting For” from DailyFinance, Millennial has out rank Apple as country’s second largest player in mobile marketing. Google is still remains at the top position with 24% coverage in the mobile market. There are 30 thousands apps turning to Millennial for monetization including Angry Birds, Pandora and Zynga. Top music-discovery website and social gaming company obtain an increase of 99% and 59% in revenue.

Is the above mention enough to persuade mobile site publisher and apps developer try out the mobile money making opportunity? I’m sure it’s definitely worth a try. Millennial Media is an independent company who does not own a mobile operating system. The company helps app developer to monetize across all major mobile operating system. This is one of the advantages which most developers look for.



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