Mediapass A Different Kind of Money Making Opportunities Alternative other Than Google Adsense

money making opportunities onlineMediapass is a different kind of money making opportunities online which I found lately. Instead of selling ads space and drawing potential clicks for money, publishers and bloggers can sell blog content directly. This is a totally different concept than Google Adsense, Bidvertiser, Kontera or any other online advertisement company.

Sign up is FREE and the system works on WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, TypePad and MovableType. Basically Mediapass provides a sophisticated subscription model for online content owners to sell their hard working content. In other words, people pay to purchase and read your content. You still have the ownership of your content. Just that Mediapass have the license to sell your content to subscribers. You set your own price and subscription terms. You can choose specific site or section as paid content or even the archived content. I would suggest selecting some of the best content you’ve written as paid content and leave others as FREE viewing. This way viewer can take a look at your work before deciding to subscribe and paid.

Depending on the volume, Mediapass takes 12%~35% of total earning. That sounds like a reasonable fee for all the work done by the site. Payments are done via check and will be mailed on 1st of month. I really hope that PayPal or other online payment method is introduced. Using check to receive payment just keeps lots of potential publishers and bloggers away. Another money making opportunities the site has is the affiliate program. You’ll earn 10% of the subscription revenue from each of the referrer generates and the earning last for a lifetime. No doubt this is a great money making opportunities but it just sounds too good to be true, especially the part which earning for a lifetime.

Mediapass is an alternative way of making money online other than Google Adsense. But still it seems to be new and there are lots of improvements needed. We just have to try it out and see if it brings more revenue than Google Adsense. I suppose those who got ban by Google Adsense can try it out.




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2 Responses to “Mediapass A Different Kind of Money Making Opportunities Alternative other Than Google Adsense”

  1. Robert says:

    This really sounds like completely different money making opportunity. Something that I may try on few of my blogs.

  2. Carl says:

    I will give a try, for sure it is far from Adsense, but probably will work well on some of my blogs.