Making Money Online can be very easy by selling photos and illustration

Most people might think that making money online is difficult. Especially if you are not staying in US and not fluent in English language, you might not be so confident in pursuing money making opportunities online. Well, nothing is absolute. You just have to find the right suitable way to make money online base on your condition.

One of the simplest ways to make money online is to sell photos, images or illustration. You don’t have to be fluent in English language or learn how to market your products. You just need to know how to create good quality photos, images or illustration. There are lots of sties which enable photographers or illustrator to sell their work online. You just have to pick one site for example Fotolia and starts uploading your work. You might not be making much money in the beginning but once you have accumulate a certain amount of good quality work, money will start coming in once people start notice your work. By the way, sign up is FREE for almost any sites just like Fotolia.

Here is a simple and easy suggestion which you can try to make money by creating photos, images or illustration and upload it to Fotolia. Schedule and plan to produce one best quality work a day and upload it to Fotolia. If you keep this up for a year and you will have about 365 products on sale. Of cause you need to make sure that your work passes the review. If producing one work of photo, image or illustration per day is too much for you, reduce the number to 5 per week, or even 3 per week. The most important part is not to get rejected. Once you have about 100 items on sale, you should be able to make at least $100 per month. So, do you think you can perform this simple task of making money online?



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