Make Money Writing How To Articles at Learniacs

At Learniacs you earn money writing “How to” articles. Basically you are required to writing informatics articles. It’s not much difference from writing a normal blog post. You still need to write good quality articles and promote them in order to earn well. Every time the articles that you post on the site are shown, your ads will be displayed 40% of the time. 60% of the time will be the ads will be form Learniacs. That means you will be earning from 40% of ads display time from what you post on the site. Seriously that’s not a good deal for me. I rather post at my own blog to get 100% ads shown. So what does the 60% ads shown time earning for? The first thing of cause is to keep the site alive and secondly it’s for a bigger plan. When you refer others to join, the site will pay you 20% of the ads shown on the articles the people you referred. According to the site this goes 10 levels deep. That means you’ll also get paid if the people that you referred bring in more people. One thing that I need to make clear is that it’s ads shown time % that the site are referring to. If there is no clicks during your ads display time, you still don’t earn. Basically if you bring in more people, you’ll increase your ads display time. That will eventually increase the possibility to clicks.
Honestly I’m not too convincing with their 10 level deep earning methods. Still I’m signing up because I figure I have nothing to lose but the articles that I wrote. Basically I think it’s a good way to compete with other similar site that offers profits sharing. At Learniacs we have the chance to build a large network that brings in a passive earning.
One very important thing that I need to point out when joining Learniacs. As a member we must at least write an article because that’s the main sources that generates income. If all of us just concentrate on getting referrals and down lines without contribute any articles, then this may not work out.

P/S: Unfortunately Learniacs is no longer available.



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4 Responses to “Make Money Writing How To Articles at Learniacs”

  1. “Learniacs” is a great way to earn money online. As i am a technical writer and also i can write about all the topics. It’s good for me to earn over there. I am just going the contact them.

  2. Kumo says:

    Seems that this site is just nice for you.

  3. lvs says:

    I am always interested in educative articles both to learn from them and so that others can read mine. This seems like a great site…looking forward to reading it and contributing also.

  4. Kumo says:

    Thanks for dropping by. Glad that you like it.