Make Money Selling Creative Design t-shirts at Design By Humans

Creating own t-shirt and sell it online to make money is not a new thing. There are a lot of websites available online which enable users to do so. You can expect lots of competition if you are trying to make money designing t-shirt online. But if you are able to design an eye catching t-shirt and market your product well, money making opportunities will still be there for you.

Check out Design By Humans if you are seriously into designing t-shirts. Well, you’re not just required to be serious. You have to be good at your design. Take a look at the t-shirt designed shown at the website and you’ll know how good you need to be in order to compete in this website. At Design By Humans, you can’t just design a t-shirt and upload it for sale. Your t-shirt designed has to win the DBH contest in order to open the gateway to print and sold. Yup, that’s right. Winning the contest is just the first step. Your t-shirt design will then go through community voting, reviews and finally chosen to be printed. There are a lots of process took place in the middle before your t-shirt design gets to show up in the market. That is if your design can make it all the way. But this is good because only the best products will be printed, sold and market. Once your t-shirt designed successfully gets through the entire process, it is definitely selling like hotcakes.

You will also earn some cash prizes by participating in the contest. There are two types of contests that you can participate, the DBH standard contest and the special contest. The total amount of cash prizes range from $500 to $2500. It is definitely attractive to participate in the contest and keeps on sending the best t-shirt design.

Payments are done via PayPal. There is also an affiliate program which allows users to make extra money. You are required to sign up ShareASale in order to participate in the affiliate program. Although I’m not sure how much money you are able to make at Design By Human, But I’m pretty sure you will learn a lot about designing t-shirt. Especially if you are hoping to improve your design and create products that sell, this site definitely can give you a boost.



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