Make Money Opportunities at WeRlive

werlive is another video chat website where you can earn some extra money from the comfort of your room. When you become a video chat expert, people see and talk to you live using the easy to use WeRlive Video Chat service. It’s free to sign up as an expert. All you need is a webcam, internet connection, a computer and of cause an expertise or a talent.

The first requirement is to be able to communicate and understand conversation in English. That’s for sure, and perhaps the confidence to talk to another person from anywhere in the world included also. As for the expertise or talent, you can check out the list of experts for your reference. I think it will be best to pick a talent or expertise that is related to your current job. If you’re a teacher that teaches English and Chinese, than expertise in learning a foreign language it should be. It seems that mysticism & spirituality category has a lot of experts in it. I wonder why?

As an Expert, you get paid when a WeRlive member begins a paid chat or video chat session with you. You’ll also earn when your Expert Tutorials are viewed or received email services. How much you get paid will depends on the rating given by your customers. That means the better you serve, the more you earn. You receive your earning by check via FedEx Shipping. You can also get an ePassporte account and have your earnings deposit directly to your bank account. Payments are done twice a month on 16th and 1st, and the minimum payout is $50.

I think this can be a good part time job for those that have specific talent or expertise. All you have to do is schedule some of your time in front of your PC and help others who need your expertise. Plus I think you might learn some international customer service skills too.

P/S: You may even become an agent for WeRlive if you’re interested. You get 50% of the income generated from your Experts. Just that you’re responsible for your Experts, their schedules, accounts and their adherence to the rules of WeRlive.



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