Make Money Opportunities at MyLikes

MyLikes basically is a paid per click site similar to Adsense. The difference between MyLikes and other paid per click program is that you decide which advertisement suitable for your audience. At MyLikes you get to place advertisement at your blog and Twitter. That means once you choose an advertisement to work on, you can make full use by posting at your blog and Twitter. As MyLikes is a paid per click program, your earning is very much depends on your cost per click. The cost per click is constantly adjusted based on your influence and relevancy. That means if you have small amount of audience but high number of clicks, it’s good for you. It is best that you choose the advertisement wisely for your audience so that you get best performance.

There are 3 ways that you can create your Sponsored Like.

  • Embed a MyLikes banner on your blog by placing the HTML code
  • Post your Likes on your Twitter account
  • Post your Likes on your blog post

The embed banner and twitter post method is good except the posting method on the blog. It will be better if we can do changes on the blog post as sometimes the arrangement or placement of the post doesn’t look nice. Plus, if we can add more content to the blog post, the results will be better. I think this is one improvement that MyLikes should look into.

Payments are done using PayPal. You get paid once your balance is over $2 and it’s done every Friday. Be sure to check the advertiser’s budget before you take on any advertisement to make sure it’s not depleted. Some of the advertisement needs approval. Some advertisement only pays when clicks are from US. These are some of the things that you need to check when selecting advertisement. Credit clicks reflected every 48 hours. MyLikes needs time to process all clicks to make sure it’s legit. So you just have to wait 2 days before you can see your clicks results.

MyLikes also has a referral contest that allows us to make extra money. Basically you get $4 referral bonus for each person that you refer. It seems that the referral contest is done monthly. You’ll win a price if you get the highest number of referral within a month. For March, the price is an Apple iPad. Of cause there are some rules that apply. Just sign up and check it out.



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5 Responses to “Make Money Opportunities at MyLikes”

  1. Garrett Bender says:

    Sounds like a better way than most other paid per clicks b/c I get to decide what to advertise. And I know what my readers like. Interesting concept.

  2. I just signed up for MyLikes three days ago and have already made the Medium Yellow Rank and .90 cents from one sponsored tweet. I think it has potential to make about $10 – $20 per month if you are active and have a decent twitter following.

  3. Hmm. I have never heard of MyLikes. I have heard of sites like Adsense and other pay per click sites, but this one sounds interesting. Plus the name is cool 🙂 I’ll have to give them a try.

  4. Kumo says:

    I got my first couple of dollar and that’s it.

  5. devizapiac says:

    Mylikes is great opportunity if you have decent followers, make more than 5$ per week if you have 10K+ followers.