Make money online sharing your bicycle

Initially we can rent out our house or apartment to make some money. This works only if you own extra property. Those who own and live in their house can try renting out extra rooms. This is a common way to make extra money. Targeted customers are basically local people like students, family and employees nearby. We usually just put up a sign or notice in front of the house and people will start calling. With the help of technology like internet and smartphone, this concept of money making opportunity has evolve into variety of business. Instead of just renting out our house or room, we can now rent out our vehicle for example bicycle. Check out the website call Spinlister where you can list your bicycle and make money.

If you have a bicycle sitting at home catching dust, why not make full use of it. You might be able to make some extra cash instead of letting it rusting in the corner. Listing your bicycle at Spinlister is free. The site will charge a 17.5% from your listing fee only when you have successfully made a deal. You are required to charge a minimum of $1 for your ride. You can set the charges per hour, per day or per week. If you own a good expensive bicycle, go ahead and charge a higher price. A good ride always comes with a good price. You can basically list your bicycle according to your time or schedule. Don’t worry if your bicycle gets damaged or sustains a flat tire while rented. Spinlister covers all bicycles up to $10,000 if renters fail to repair the bicycle or pay for a replacement. If your bicycle is stolen during the rental, you will be reimbursed right away. But this guarantee is only available in certain countries like United States, Canada, Germany, UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Austria, Japan, New Zealand and Australia.

Spinlister has users in over 100 countries around the world. So just go ahead and list your bicycle. You might be able to make some money if you are lucky. Especially if you live in an area visiting by lots of foreign tourists, chances of renting out your bicycle will be high. You can also offer to deliver your bicycle to renters for extra charges. Renters will have to pay everything using credit card. No cash transaction between lister and renter.

By the way, you can also rent out surfboard, SUP, snowboard or skis at Spinlister. Just remember one thing. If you love your rides a lot and do not feel comfortable having strangers using them, don’t rent out. There will surely some damages after renting out your rides. You will have to be prepared to accept the consequences.



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