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Microworkers is a site with online money making opportunities that I found lately. Microworkers is a service of Weblabcenter, Inc which situated in Dallas, TX, USA. Basically Microworkers works almost like socialspark where employers pay to have something done and workers do the job to get paid. You get to be employer and worker once you sign up. You can either accept the job listed or create a campaign to get your work done. Jobs that are listed include write article, discuss a product in a forum, follow on twitter, sell forum signature, upload video, Digg a post, stumble a post, join Facebook group, vote, sign up referral, give opinion and many more. There’s a list of do and don’t in the FAQ. Just check it out so that you don’t get banned. There are about 80 tasks available once you sign up. Although there are lots of tasks but the payment are low. The highest paid that I’ve seen is $0.68. Even so most of the tasks are simple. You still can make some money out of it if complete enough tasks.

Payments are done using PayPal, Moneybookers, Alertpay and cheque. Minimum payment is $9 and there is a fee upon withdrawal request. A fee of $4.50 using Cheque, 6% using PayPal and 6.5% using Moneybookers and Alertpay will be charge. This is the part that I don’t like about Microworkers. On your first withdrawal, a PIN number will be send by snail mail to your house. Your withdrawal will be on hold until you verified your account using the PIN number. Plus, it takes 30 business days to process the payment. Imagine the time it takes if you’re staying at the opposite side of the world. Not to mention the possibility of mail lost or undelivered.

Microworkers has a referral program that enable members to earn extra money. For each member that you referred, you’ll get $1. But you’ll have to wait until your referral member earns $25. It’s not as much as it seems but it’s better than nothing.

P/S: I’m suspecting this website might be SCAM. Read on my latest post Another Money Making Opportunities at MicroTurks for details.



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5 Responses to “Make money online opportunities at Microworkers”

  1. Carmen Bennett says:

    I’ve been a member of social spark before and also Payperpost and I’ve earn from those site doing paid post. Microworker seems a bit cheap when it comes to payouts but just like you said its better than nothing.

  2. Ben says:

    I’ve been using Microworkers a bit but it certainly takes a long time to get to $10 – a lot of the tasks are more complicated than it first appears.

    There is another site that is much the same called Microturks that I am using too

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  4. bids says: is better has no fees and is the best online trusted and legit money making site i have seen, I am old member and i have got 3 payments from them till today & i am going withdrew the 4 payment now, its grate & good paying site, i suggest every one who really want make money online.

  5. Lina says:

    You may also like to check out minifreelance, a site similar to microworkers but paying slightly higher.