Make money online eating food live streaming

I am familiar with making money online via playing video games live streaming for others to watch. Some of the popular games people like to watch are for example league of legend, Dota 2, Warcraft, counter Strike and many more. If you are very good in the game, handsome, sexy, beautiful, cute or funny, you will be able to attract a large group of audience. Once you have successfully gathered a huge crowd, next is trying to make money from them via donation, subscription or persuade them to buy products.

So what’s the catch for live streaming a person eating and how do you make money out from it? It turns out that some restaurant actually pays people to upload videos or live streaming video of them eating. Of cause the food and dishes will be from the restaurant as that’s part of the reasons to showcase their menu. It seems that some people actually love to watch people eating. Viewers chat about the food and the things they eat. Viewers even give advice and suggestion on how to eat. Is it fun to watch? I really have no idea. Is it about checking out the food before trying it out personally? I don’t know. Perhaps it is the way that person eats which in interesting. Maybe people who are eating lunch or dinner alone want some company? If I’m not mistaken, they call it Mukbang.



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