Make Money from your tweets with RevTwt

RevtwtThis is my first post about making money using Twitter. The first Twitter advertising network that I found is RevTwt. Before signing up RevTwt, I did some checking on the response of bloggers or publisher who tested out the service. It seems that RevTwt is not well accepted. Anyway, I still decided to sign up and have a closer look at the site so that I can write a review about it.

There are few ways that you can make money from RevTwt. Basically you need to have at least a Twitter account with lots of followers. In order to let RevTwt posts ads in your Twitter account, you either provide them your Twitter username and password or use Twitter Oauth to give them permission to post ads. For security purposes I think it’s better to use Twitter Oauth. The first type of ads that you can choose is CPC – cost per click. Generally you get paid when your followers click on the ads. The second method is CPT – cost per thousand followers. That means you get paid on a fixed amount based on the number of followers you have. Plus the ads must stay on for at least 72 hours. The third method is CAP – cost per action. You can apply this ad in anywhere as you only get paid when a user completes the required action given by advertisers. The fourth method is to use the shorten URL service. When readers click on the shorten URL, ads will be shown in a transition page before arriving to the actual page. You get paid if readers click on the ads. This method can be use anywhere other than Twitter too.  I think the shorten URL ads method is a good idea and it might become popular later.

Besides that you may also earn some money by referring others to RevTwt. You’ll get 20% of their earnings for life. Other than that the site also expanded their service to popular social network community Facebook. You may post the ads same way that you post at Twitter. All you need to do is allow StatusCash application into your Facebook so that they can post ads on walls, status and news feeds. RevTwt also partners with Twitter Greeting so that ads can be shown along with the greeting cards. You’ll get paid when your friends click on the ads that come together with the greeting cards you send.

There are many ways that you can make money at Revtwt but there are couples of things that you need to take note. Minimum payment is $20 using PayPal. You might need to work hard for the payment if you have less than 2000 followers. Please take note that most of the ads required clicks from US. That means if your followers are mostly from countries other than US, you might not earn much.

I have to say you need to have more than 2000 followers in order to actually make money with Revtwt. Plus your followers need to be from US too. The highest click that I’ve seen is about $0.15, which means you need to have at least 200 clicks to reach minimum payment. You may try it out but I think Revtwt is suitable for certain people with lots of followers. Just remember not to post too many ads as you might considered as spammer.



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4 Responses to “Make Money from your tweets with RevTwt”

  1. Scott Herbert says:

    Interesting article, there is more than one twitter ad tool, I use SponsoredTweets (see ), it has a higher payout threshold than RevTwt ($50 instead of $20) but you fairly soon get that.
    SponsoredTweets will pay you $x per tweet, it sounds like RevTwt only pays you for click through thro.

  2. Kumo says:

    Thanks for the info. I’ll look into SponsoredTweets and write a review about it.

  3. Guy says:

    Not had much luck with it myself,a fter putting them out to about 2000 people on a regular basis I made about 20 cents.

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