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freelancing translator money making opportunities

TranslatorCafe is a website created for translator, interpreters, voice talents, clients and other language profession. TranslatorCafe is full of information and resources but it’s a bit confusing. You have to spend some time to study and learn about it in order to find the treasure beneath. There are jobs, agencies, forum, polls, articles, TC Terms and translation information available. No doubt this is the money making opportunities website for translator or language professional, but you’ll have to learn to make full use of it.

Sign up is FREE at TranslatorCafe. The free member account allows access to basic features. If you sign up for a master member account, you’ll get full access to all the features but that’s going to cost you. As for starter, the basic features of FREE member account are more than enough to start the freelancing work. Some of the basic features you’ll get are create and save resume and cover letter, getting information on email address in job posting, customize profile, exposure to potential clients, ability to bid or post job, recommendation, automatic notification, payment button services, included into database of language professionals and many more. There are lots of things that you can do to promote your services at TranslatorCafeas it’s also a huge community. You can introduce yourself in the forum or even write some articles so that others can know you better. Just check out the site and you’ll find people around the world are participating in the community using lots of different languages.

As for the jobs listing section, you can bid for the jobs or email the clients. Just be aware that TranslatorCafeis just providing the platform for clients and service provider to do business and make the deal. You can approach the clients directly or through agencies. Either way you have to be careful when dealing with them as their legitimacy are not guarantee. It will be better to go through the tips and guides before taking any action. Most of the deals are done via PayPal, Moneybookers and Western Union. But still the details of the deal or business are set between the client and the service provider.

Check out the Terminology or Translator Framework page as you’ll find a useful tool call TermsCafe. TermsCafe is a terminology data management tool by TranslatorsCafethat is designed for managing multilingual terminological data. Currently there are 36,822 entries in 102 dictionaries in 45 languages created by 259 authors. I’m sure this is a very useful tool if you’re working on translation. It’s definitely a must check.

P/S: Although TranslatorCafe give us a sense of information overload but given some time we’ll discover lots of goodies and treasures within.



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  1. Ken says:

    Though my experience, I found that translation need to be done accurately and checked by locals. I have seen that funny and interesting article written in English can not be translated and be interesting and funny again in another language. So I suggest if you are searching for that kind of service ask for free style translation.