Jobs Opportunities for Freelancers and Programmers at oDesk

odeskoDesk can be considered as one of the best freelancing sites that I ever found online. The site has a large marketplace for freelancers and programmers. In fact oDesk can be a place to outsource projects to talents around the world, in a way that is. As a freelancer, this might be a good place for you to look for part time job or full time job. One thing that I notice is that freelancers can be paid either a fixed price job or hourly job. The hourly job is a new thing and it seems this opportunities can lead to a full time job after reputation and satisfactory is built up. Once freelancer earns enough trust, some companies might offer a long term working relationship. Most ongoing works that needs more than 3 month time are mostly post as hourly job. That way freelancer can receive their payment monthly as they proceed with the work. In order to keep track of the work status and communication, oDesk has some tools that both freelancers and jobs providers can make full use of it. Couple of tools for example is ScreenSnap feature that is convenient for communicating requirements and oDesk Share feature that is great for real-time desktop sharing, email, chat and phones.

It’s free to sign up either as job provider or freelancers, but oDesk takes 10% of the total charge rate. Payments are done using credit cards and other services such as ACH, check or wire, but you might need to contact the support to do so. The site also has a referral program that pays $50 for every user you referred that earns or spends $1000 on oDesk.

There are lots of jobs available at oDesk and if you have the required skills, I’m sure you’ll get the jobs that you want. All the work, performance and profiles are recorded in details. That makes it easier and confidence for both freelancers and jobs providers to search for their needs.  sure is a site that looks professional in providing bridges between freelancers and jobs providers.



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6 Responses to “Jobs Opportunities for Freelancers and Programmers at oDesk”

  1. Jon says:

    Freelancing sites are good for hiring, but there’s usually a huge amount of cheap competition from India.

  2. gaban says:

    you have a lot of reviews dude
    keep review

  3. Melody says:

    I signed up for odesk a while ago but you have to take several tests before you’re allowed to take any assignments..

  4. Kumo says:

    Competition is from all around the world. Building up a good reputation as a freelancer that charges reasonable price might just be the only way to survive.

    As for the test, I think that’s a good thing. As least certain quality of work can be done.

  5. When looking for a freelancer, I think reputation is vital. I want to hire someone that I know can get the job done well and on-time…I’d rather pay more than take the risk…

  6. Kumo says:

    It depends if you’re looking for a low price service.