Jobs and Money Making Opportunities at Programmer Meet Designer

Programmer Meet Designer website is actually a simple platform for programmers, web developers, designers, entrepreneurs and writers to get together and solved each other’s need. Unlike any other freelancing website, Programmer Meet Designer seems more like a simple personal website with small amount of traffic, users and listings. The website also does not have a professional theme and display either. So what’s so special about this website?

First of all it’s free to sign up for an account. As there aren’t many users, competition is less. That means if you’re a beginner in freelancing or trying to get your first assignment, you’ll have a better chance. Apart of trying to get assignments and jobs, you can make use of this platform to build your reputation and gain some connection. Good thing about this site is that you get to setup your profile with a link to your blog or website. As this site just acts as a platform to get service provider and purchaser together without charging any fees, it’s up to us to negotiate and discuss work progress and payments. This is good because freelancers or service providers are able to gain 100% of the payment. Bad news is that we have to be careful when accepting assignments or jobs because there is not guarantee payment can be delivered. It’s up to ourselves to decide if it’s a scam or not.

Honestly I’m not so interested at the jobs or money making opportunities listing. Instead I’m more concern about the list of users and profiles. I’m much more interested with the person who owns the website which the profiles link. If you check out some of the website from the profiles, you’ll find some interesting website which provides unique services with reasonable prices. If you find some freelancers or services provider which you like to work with, you can contact them directly.



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2 Responses to “Jobs and Money Making Opportunities at Programmer Meet Designer”

  1. George says:

    Looks like one more freelance website, actually thats not bad, more profiles, more exposures and more orders.

  2. Andy says:

    It is good when competition is less and there is no sign up fee. I am going to sign up now, hope to get orders.