Is PayPerPost v4 going to be Better?

payperpost v4PayPerPost v4 or so call the next generation of PayPerPost is supposed to be better. For blogger, there will be no busy dashboard, no Advertiser set prices and no waiting for blog approval. For Advertisers, a complete control over opportunities invitation and payout approval. I’m not sure about the advertiser section but I’m pretty much concern about blogger section. As a blogger, my definition of better is a bit different but simple.

1)    More opportunities. I know this might not be easy as this is the part where the site needs to attract more advertisers.
2)    Having a way to write the post without getting punished by Google. It took months of hard work to built a blog and to get to Google page rank 2~3. Taking up pay per post opportunities might just bring the blog back to Google page rank 0 over night. For many blogger, we have a choice to make. Either go for pay per post or keep the Google page rank. If blogger decided to take up pay per post, he/she will have another problem as high pay opportunities requires high page rank. Even thought if blogger has a high page rank blog to begin with, but sooner or later the page rank might drop to 0. When that happens, we blogger will lost both Google page rank and pay per post opportunities.
3)    Fast pay out and no minimum payout requirement.

I think most of us concern more on item No.2 which is losing Google page rank. I understand that it is important to include disclosure as we take up pay per post but that’s just confessing to Google and asking them to give us a 0 page rank. Guess we just have to find a way to solve this. I suppose this might triggered someone out there to write an eBook title “How to write pay per post and maintain a high Google page rank”.

Going back to PayPerPost v4, all blog will be approved once added. That means your blog will be entitled to accept offers once added. Instead of having PayPerPost v4 decides the qualification of your blog, advertisers will be the one to judge if your blog is good enough. At the end, getting an offer from the advertisers is all we blogger wanted.

As for the posting rules, blogger have 3 days to decide and submit the post after an offer is given. That’s pretty much better than just few hours of time to write a post. I know that most of us just need couple of hours to write a post of 200~300 words but it will be better to spend more time to do some research and write a good quality post. By the way blogger are no longer able to view the marketplace where opportunities are not offer.

The advertisers have only 3 days to approve the post but still blogger need to wait for 30 days before the payment is release. Plus blogger need to have a minimum amount of $50 to qualify for payout through PayPal. This might not be good for blogger with page rank 0 blogs. I suppose a minimum page rank 2 blog will be required to get any offer and enough to hit the minimum payout requirement. It will be better to include another condition “Payout will be carry out if the money earned is 3 months old” Which means you’ll get your $5 after 3 month even if it doesn’t hit the minimum requirement.

As a conclusion, the only thing better is that advertisers decide if your blog is qualified or not. PayPerPost v4 just skip the filtering part of gathering better blogs. A new version of PayPerPost does not help increasing blogger earning. Basically it’s just a change of outlook theme. You still need to work hard on your blog to get a better offer. That is if you plan to take up pay per post.



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7 Responses to “Is PayPerPost v4 going to be Better?”

  1. I submitted two of my blogs in past when they were PR0. They they evolved and got PR2. I tried several times to add them there but always failed. I think they had some pretty busy system. I’ll be trying their new system because I am desperate to start it.

  2. Kumo says:

    I think you don’t have to worry about it. PayPerPost will update your blog status if your blog got PR2. You’ll see lot more opportunity available for you.

  3. Stu | Lasik Surgeon says:

    I used payperpost when they first started up, I might give them a go again knowing this, thanks.

    I like the idea that the company can pick the bloggers now.

  4. Kumo, They are already are PR2. Anyways, Lets see what happened in few more weeks.

  5. Kumo says:

    Let’s just see how this V4 turns out.

  6. AlexW says:

    Hmm…looks interesting, about how much is a typical 200-300 word post cost for advertiser? Advertiser themselves also have to be worrying about google penalty as it is against webmaster guideline, but I can imagine it is the best best for affiliate marketer for promoting their product page.

  7. Kumo says:

    The risk is more towards blogger.