iPhone Mobile Money Making Opportunities AppRewards

mobile money making opportunitiesAppRewards is a simple iPhone app that allows users to make money and redeem gift cards. Users can install this app in iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. AppRewards is FREE for download. Users will be shown a list of apps once installed. Basically users will be given iPoints by reviewing the list of iPhone apps. The reviews can be either positive or negative. Apps developers are trying to survey and collect information from users regarding the apps they design. The amount of iPoints earned varies depending on the requested app reviews. Users can use the iPoints to redeem for gift cards. A maximum of two gift cards can be redeemed per day. iPoints can also redeem for cash. A total of 1750 iPoints are required to redeem for $5 PayPal deposit.

The concept and idea of this iPhone app is good but seems like the people behind this app is not doing a good job maintaining and improving it. It has been a long time the site has not update the list of requested app reviews. Thus, users might not be able to earn enough iPoints to redeem the $5 PayPal deposit.

P/S: It is such a waste to let AppRewards go down. It is not easy to create such a money making opportunities app. I hope the owner of AppRewards can find somebody to takeover if he/she is no longer interested in developing the app. I’m sure AppRewards can sell a good price as it has potential.



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