Inventing Money Making Opportunities Online at Quirky

quirkyIt is very easy to come out with an idea or an invention regardless of how old you are. Unfortunately most ideas didn’t get too far. Most of the time it appears in a person mind for just a few seconds and slip away. Some ideas which are able to stay longer in a person mind remains as only a thought because no action is taken. Even with great ideas or invention in mind, most people dare not take action because of the huge amount of time, energy and trouble required to invest. Not to mention if you are trying to build your invention without any funding and support, how far can you really pursuit?

If you have an idea or invention, try submitting it to Quirky. The site is constantly looking for unique and functional physical consumer product. Take a look at the products they invented and currently sold. You’ll get an idea of what the site is looking for. Although it is free to submit your idea, make sure that your idea is well prepared and researched. You can participate in collaboration projects and take a look at how an idea or invention is created. Submit your idea once you have study and understand how Quirky works.

So how much money can you actually earn from Quirky? Basically the amount of money you’ll earn is the percentage of influence you earned multiplied by 10% of the product sold. That means if you are able to get 100% influence, the maximum amount of money you’ll earn is 10% of the total revenue of the product sold. 100% influence means you design the product by your own entirely from start until end which it is highly impossible. But if you are able to submit an idea which becomes a selling end product, it is possible to earn at least 5% of the total revenue of the product sold. This is because a chosen invention idea contributes 40.5% influence. As you participate in other development projects such as research, design, name, tagline, concept portfolio and enhance which contributes the remaining 59.5%, you will increase your share of influence. 5% of total revenue of a product is a lot if your idea or invention sells like hot cake. Even if you just participate and contribute in other development projects, you will still able to earn some % influences on other invention or idea. An accumulative of % influences from multiple inventions can earn you some good money too.

Minimum payout is $75. You will be required to fill out the payment profile as soon as your account earns $70. If you are a US citizen, you can opt to receive payment via check or ACH. ACH is a direct bank account transfer. For non US citizen, check with snail mail is the best option. Although they do offer to wire the money, it is not worth it because you will have to bear the wire fee. It is unfortunate that the site did not offer PayPal as one of the payment method.

Usually those who participate in Quirky are not just into the money making opportunities. It is about the joy of having to see their ideas or invention comes to life. Some who participate in Quirky are enjoying the process of inventing. We might not have a job as designer but we sure can enjoy the work of a designer at Quirky.



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