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tnxIf you’re actively involve in link exchange activities, might be the one for you. allowed Blog and website owners to sell links on their site and advertisers to buy links. The method that uses to install links is different from TLA. The links are direct and does not require any loading of scripts, XML files or database. It’s almost like a simple link exchange system. Buying and selling links are done by using TNX points system. TNX points can be bought using PayPal. Currently the site is offering 2000~5000 points for free just for testing out their system. That is enough for you to purchase 2000 links for 1 month.

As a site publisher, you can sell links on your blog or website. All you need to do is place the system code into your site or blog. The price of the links are mostly depends on Google page rank. The higher your page rank, the higher the price of your links. income calculatorYou can check how much profits you’ll get by placing your site URL into income calculator. You are able to combine TNX ads with other advertising company like Google Adsense or Bitvertiser. Once your site or blog gets approved for ads, you can have full control of the ads. That means you can block, delete or ban the ads if you feel it’s not suitable for your site. You will be able to see the advertisers on your site but in the other hand advertisers are unable to choose which site to advertise.

Besides earning some money from selling links on your site, you can also promote your site using You can start right away by getting the free 2000~5000 points limited offer. The price of the links are mainly depends on quantity and quality. Getting links from a higher page rank site is going to cost more. You are unable to choose which site to advertise but you may target your ads base on region, page rank and link popularity. You may set the anchor text and construct sentences using your own words. All links placed by will looks as they were installed manually. So you don’t have to worry about getting penalized for buying or selling links. charges 12.5% commissions from both publisher and advertiser. That is the only fees that you need to pay for using their services. The site also has an affiliate program for you to earn extra points. You’ll earn 13.3% of all the earnings that your referral brings in. That’s quite a good deal if you get lots of active referrals.

From the looks of the site you can tell that English is not their main languages. You might need to go through their rules and regulations a couple of times just to make sure you understand it fully. It will be better if the site can use pictures for explanation and examples. Pictures showing step by step how to insert the code and how the ads looks like on the site will be very much helpful.

P/S: If you are worrying about getting 0 page rank penalty, I think you have lots more to worry about. Google will go after anything that goes against their benefits. The best solution is not to depend on Google.



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2 Responses to “Increase Traffic and Earn Money with”

  1. Gerri says:

    Aren’t they a bad idea if you are someone who worries about PageRank?

  2. Kumo says:

    Yes it is. If you’re worrying about page rank, there are lots more for you to worry about. The safest method of not getting penalize by Google is follow all their rules. Even that will not guarantee that you won’t be penalized. Basically page rank is something like this to me – “If I get ranked, that’s great because that will increase my earning. If not then I’ll just grab on to my other options but still earning.” Placing all the eggs into one basket is just too risky.