Image Money Making Opportunities at Image Space Media

image money making opportunitiesI’ve been introducing lots of money making opportunities online via clicks, impressions, videos and audios. As for this post, I will be introducing in-image money making opportunities at Image Space Media. If you own a blog or website with lots of images and photos, this might just be the money making opportunity for you. Image Space Media works just like YouTube video ads. Instead of showing ads on videos, images in your blog or website will be showing ads. You can use all the available space for other advertising company like Google while Image Space Media covers advertisement on your images or photos. Google Adsense and Image Space Media can work well together to monetize your blog or website.

Minimum payout is $25. Payments are done via PayPal after 7 days when account reaches minimum payout. I’m not sure how the distribution of CPC or cost per click available, but judging from the minimum payout set, publisher should be able to cash out at least once per month. Compare to the minimum payout of $100 for Google Adsense, $25 minimum payout should be easy to achieve. Website or blog that focus on wallpapers, photos and images are suitable to apply for this service. As Image Space Media only works with in-image platform, the more images you have, the more impression will be created and the higher income will be earned.



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