Graphic Designs Money Making Opportunities Online at Inkd

Inkd is the world’s first online marketplace for cutting edge print designs. That means if you are hoping to make money online by selling graphic design in this site, you have to be able to produce good quality products. This platform is designed to help designers locate new outlets of revenue and commissioned work. This site is actually a high end stock photo company that targeted business sector. So you really have to be very good in graphic design in order to get accepted and sell your products. Just browse through some of the templates available and you will get an idea of how good your graphic design required in order to join the game.

Sign up is free. You can start by contributing designs to Inkd marketplace. Designs will be review before accepted. Remember that you need to do a good job so that your designs are accepted into the marketplace. Some of the products or print out that you can design are business cards, brochures, letterhead, envelopes, post cards and many more. The site also has a step by step wizard process that you can follow when designing. New signups should start with the “base template” so that your design gets approved faster. The “base template” is a specially design blank template that has everything setup and ready to go. This way, it makes things easier for first time to get starting.

This is also a great place to work on your profile page. Every designs contributed will add points to your profile page. So just keep on producing lots of good designs and your profile page will look great. As Inkd is a high end stock photo company, lots of customers will be looking for custom made designs and they will certainly look for good designers for the job. If you have an appealing profile page, I’m sure it will increase job opportunities.

Payments are done via bank check or PayPal. Payout will be carry out once the balance reaches $25. 20% royalty fee on the total retail sale will be received by designer. I have to say this is a bit lower than I expected. But given the high reputation of the site, it is no doubt a good place to brand your name.



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