Google Adsense Impression Sharing Money Making Opportunities at GuideToStart

writing money making opportunitiesGuideToStart is another profit sharing money making opportunities online website. Users just have to concentrate on writing and submitting articles while the site handles site hosting and traffic. The money making opportunities online presented is similar to Blogburner, Bukisa, 451press, Xomba, Squidoo and many more. You may refer to the page title Job Opportunities List for additional information.

As for GuideToStart, users receive 75% of page impression. Users need to have a Google Adsense account in order to include their own advertising code to the page. Sign up is FREE. Users have to setup their profile and submit their own Google Adsense code before creating any content. GuideToStart also has an ongoing contest which gives out money prizes. Users are able to join the contest by simply submitting articles. First prize is $250, second prize is $125, third prize is $75, fourth prize is $50 and fifth prize is an article featured spot for 12 months. The winning articles will be judge by Facebook recommendation, number of unique visitors and comments received. It is an interesting contest but I think most of us are much more interested in the earning potential of the site.

Posting one or two good quality articles at GuideToStart can be very beneficial. Consider it as a self introduction to a new group of readers. Those who are interested in your writing and would like to know more about you will try to search for your blog or website. This is just like submitting or publishing articles at articles directory or website. If the articles that you submit are able to gather lots of impression and Google Adsense earning, you may proceed to submit additional articles. We just have to make use of the site properly for our benefits.



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