Google +1 Button Now Available at Google Adsense Ads on Your Site

Starting in October, Google +1 button will begin to appear on Google Adsense display ads. According to the blog post title “+1: Now making Display ads more relevant” from Google Inside Adsense Blog, users will be able to click on the +1 button which appears on Google Adsense display ads. This action will endorse specific ads and make it more likely to appear on users’ social connection. According to Google, this eventually will lead to more clicks and higher return for publishers over time. We just have to wait and see if this is true and witness any increase on our earnings.

The +1 button clicks on Google Adsense display ads will not generate income but it will place a recommendation notice by the person who clicks on the +1 button. That means the ads will most likely be shown to all the friends and contacts of the person who clicks on the +1 button. If viewers find the ads to be good, useful and beneficial, a click on the +1 button will be given. This is just like a recommendation from viewers. In other words, users have the opportunity to determine the relevancy of the ads.

Once this information is included into Google Adsense algorithm, we should be able to receive suitable and relevant ads on our site. As viewers are given the chance to judge what kind of ads they like, this will definitely filters and categorizes ads according to viewers’ interest. I hope this will prevent those irrelevant ads from appearing on blogs and websites.

P/S: Again we have yet to see the effect of +1 button on Google Adsense display ads in action. Ideally it should be beneficial to publisher. We still have to wait and see how people play and bent the game. I am a bit curious and anxious to see how the buying and selling of +1 click in bulk affects the system. Judging from the effect of +1 click, people will definitely place a price value on the action. The idea is good but there is still a lot of tuning and adjustments needed. As a Google Adsense publisher, my only concern is the increase of earnings.



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