Getting the best out from Guest Posting via PostJoint

Guest posting seems to be the most popular way to increase backlinks and traffic to our site lately. I suppose this has something to do with Google and the changes on search engine algorithm. As Google starting to penalize links purchase, links exchange and other abnormal links activity, seems like bloggers are left with the only one option of guest posting. If your site or blog is offering guest posting and has a page explaining the rules and guides for guest posting, you will find that traffic is a bit high for that particular page. This shows that a lot of people are starting to make use of guest posting to generate links and traffic and they are constantly searching for guest posting pages. And this includes a certain number of people who will try to exploit and making full use of guest posting. So if you are offering guest posting on your blog or site, be careful and make sure that guest posting articles and links are good quality and appropriate.

Check out PostJoint if you are into guest posting and trying to make some money online. PostJoint provides a platform that connects advertisers and bloggers through quality guest posting. You will find that advertisers trying to produce good quality guest posting articles and bloggers will be choosing the best quality content for their blog. As least by going through PostJoint, most of the harmful links and poor quality articles will be filter out. But still at the end of the day, blog owners are still the one who is making the final decision whether to accept the guest posting article or not.

Sign up is currently FREE as the site is still within beta status. Blog owners can make use full use of the site now before it starts to implement any charges. Once you’ve sign up an account, you will have to wait for the approval before accepting any guest posting. The approval depends greatly on the quality of your blog. Once approval is granted, blog owners will be able to browse through part of the guest posting article before making any offers. You may decide to post the article for free or request for a small amount of fee. Just remember to set the price that matches the quality and traffic rank of your blog. I’m sure advertisers will only accept reasonable deals.

P/S: As the site currently is at beta stage, lots of improvement is required. Thus there will be lots of changes and upgrades. So just be patient and try to make use of the site as much as possible while it is still FREE.



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