Getting fund to Design Money Making Opportunities iPad App

As long as you’re able to design an iPad app which attracts lots of users, money making opportunities lies within. If you have an idea of an iPad app which you think users might love it, get funded and develop it. All you need is three things to make it real. First you need a great iPad app idea. Second you need to get the money to develop the app. Third you need to take action and get it done.

Among the three things, getting funded for an iPad app idea is the most difficult part. Here’s a website call AppFund which you can apply for the money to fund your iPad app design project. As always there are some requirements which you need to fulfill in order to get funded. Some of the basic requirements which you need to submit for the application are an outline of your app idea, general marketing thesis and revenue opportunity, competitive landscape, estimation of development cost and launching time line, your bio and other background key players. You have to prepare a good detail proposal if you are seriously thinking of getting funding. The fund provided byAppFund range from as little as $5k to $500k depending on the iPad app design project. They are actually looking to invest on iPad app ideas that focused around enterprise, small businesses B2B, B2C solution, collaborative entertainment consumption, platforms for original content distribution, social networking around location based connection, dating, shared experience, shopping, daily life utilities, targeted users with higher income, long time shelf life, potential to become hits, incorporate video, audio interactivity, and other capabilities unique to iPad. In other words, your iPad app idea needs to be very good, interesting and have the potential to make money to get funded.

At the end it’s the iPad app idea which determines the success of getting funded. So the question is how do we come out with a good iPad app idea? Although this is determine by one creativity and inspiration, there is couple of ways we can approach this. We can check out the needs, demands and difficulties face by iPad users. This is more towards iPad user market research and information collection. The best way to find out what iPad user hope for an app is to ask them directly. A simple survey might do the trick. Second is to become iPad user ourselves. Once we get to experience the usage of iPad, we can find out what we need most for an iPap app. When we combine these information and experience, it can be very helpful in coming out with an idea of iPad app. You don’t have to design lots of iPad app as one successful iPad app “Hits” is enough to generate lots of money.



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2 Responses to “Getting fund to Design Money Making Opportunities iPad App”

  1. Jerry says:

    I agree with the fact that there are a lot of money in Mobile apps and market is growing, but it is not very easy to get an app viral. It is nearly the same as for Facebook apps, last year everybody was trying to make an app which nobody is using.

  2. George says:

    I have participate in something similar related to funding for Facebook apps, at the end didn’t get much money for it, but still have the free hosting.