Getting Freelance Writer or Ghost Writer at Writer Bin

writer binThe first thing that I notice about Writer Bin is that there aren’t many projects available. Judging that it’s still a new site, let’s give it some time and see how it turns out. Sign up is free and the only fee that you need to pay is when you successfully bid a project. That goes the same if you’re hiring a freelancer. Payment can be done using paypal, check or e-gold. The commission fee is 3% of the amount bid or $3, whichever is greater. That means if you really want to bid or post a project, you need to put some down payment at the site. Once your bid or project makes the deal, you’ll be charged. These rules and regulation is just the same as other freelancer hiring sites. In order to make this site successful, I think the main thing is to get more projects listed. When the site can provide business opportunities, other things will become less important. Writer Bin also has an affiliate programs but that is just to help cover the commission expenses. Writer Bin will pay just $3 for each client referred and $1 for each writer sign up. That’s one good way to attract more business. The only thing left to do is lots and lots of advertising as to let as much people know about this site.

P/S: Unfortunately Write Bin is no longer available.



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