Getting a real home base job from LionBridge

lionbridgeLionBridge is hiring a lot of people from all around the world to join their Internet Assessor team. It’s call LionBridge Internet Assessors Program. I found out about this from a blog that I stumbled. Too bad the requirement for my country closed. Still there are lots of countries that are still open for recruitment. Good things should be share, so here you have it.
If you read through the program description and requirements, this job seems like a regular part time job that requires 10~20 work hours. Job description seems easy as all you need to do is provide opinion. The thing that makes me wondering is the exam that you need to take before being accepted into the program. 2 section of exam with 24 theory questions and 270 practical exams. That sounds like a difficult entry for me, but then if they are seriously looking for serious candidates then that should be the way. The only big question that I really want to ask is the paid. Well, that’s the only thing that I need to know for getting that job.

If you really interested in the job, then I suggest you act fast. There are still 40 locations that are open for recruitment.



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2 Responses to “Getting a real home base job from LionBridge”

  1. BlogerD says:

    It’s good, but ‘We are no longer recruiting for the below locales’ and i can’t register

  2. Kumo says:

    Too bad, guess we just have to wait for the next opportunity.