Get Paid to Predict the Future

predictifyMy first impression on Predictify is just like a casino where you can place your bet. The interesting part for Predictify is that you are free to predict and have the chance to earn some money. That sounds like a bet that you’ll never lose your money. Basically there are 2 things that you can do after signing up Predictify. Ask questions about the future and let others predict the outcome or pick a question from the site and predict the outcome yourself. Either way, it’s free to participate.So, how do you make money? You can make money by accurately predicting the outcome on the premium questions. Premium questions charges question-askers $1 per response. That’s where you can earn the money. You will be given a share from the money collected from the premium question that you participate. How much you’ll get depends on your predictive accuracy, level of expertise and time of submission. That means you need to be good at prediction, fast response and participate more in order to get a bigger share of the money. Payments can be done using PayPal and the minimum withdrawal amount is $20.00.

Predictify also has a referral program that allows you to earn more money and some extra bonus like community points. You’ll get 10% payout of the people that you refer for 6 months. That doesn’t sound too attractive as we get to earn from them for the first six month only. Judging from the system or method to earn money from the site, you need to put in some time in order to really earn the share of the revenue. The 6 month time period might be just too short.

Overall, it’s not a bad idea to participate in Predictify. It’s not the money that you can earn but it’s the information that you can get. Especially if you are involving in business that rely on prediction of future incident, Predictify is just the right environment for that. You get to collect opinion and information from many people around the world.



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