Get Paid to Post Money Making Opportunities Online at BacklinkMetro

backlinkmetroThe money making opportunities online provided by BacklinkMetro requires user to have a WordPress site with at least a page rank 1. Blog owners who have a page rank 1 or above can get paid by posting content provided by BacklinkMetro. Basically there are 3 ways blog owners get to make money at BacklinkMetro. Blog owners can accept guest posts, include contextual links in existing posts and place comment links provided. Obviously the best way is to accept guest post as blog owners can make money while having fresh content uploaded. Although it is said that content uploaded will be fresh unique and high quality, I guess you just have to test it out yourself to confirm it. But one thing for sure, publishers’ site won’t survive too long if the content they provided is in low quality. They have to take care of their publishers in order to survive. By the way, publishers not only make money by each of the new guest post, contextual links and comment links uploaded. Publishers will also get paid every month as long as the links stay on. Publishers will earn credits instead of cash directly. Although the site did not mention the conversion rate between credits and the amount paid, it did mention that publishers get 50% payout. Payment method is via PayPal.

There is also an affiliate program which enables users to make extra money. As an affiliate, you will earn $29 for each advertiser that register and purchase the service. As minimum payout is $100, you will have to generate at least 4 sales to get paid. If you are interested in the publisher program, they have a WordPress plugin that you can install and receive fresh content automatically.

Honestly I think this is a good way to make money for those sites that has only page rank 1 and just starting to build up content. Especially if you do not have much time to create blog post, you really need some help to keep that fresh content coming in. Although there is one statement that I’m concern about:

Google search engine policy is that sites should not buy or sell links for the purpose of increasing search engine position. BackLinkMETRO does not disclose your URL or website information to advertisers, and is a “blind” network. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that Google can know that the back links on your site are purchased, or placed there at your option.

How true is the statement above? Well, I suppose you are safe if Google does not know. If your site only has page rank 1, I suppose Google is the last thing to worry about.



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