Get Paid To Post Money Making Opportunities at RantRave

writing money making opportunitiesRantRave is another get paid to post money making opportunities just like Hugpages, About, BlogBurner, Shvoong and many more. You can check out a lot more similar money making website at Job Opportunities List. RantRave does not pay directly to their sign up members. Google will be the one who do the payment.

RantRave is actually an open community that enabe users to share their opinion and make some money. Sign up is FREE. Members can write almost anything except topics that you don’t want your mom to read. As Google will be paying, members need to sign up for a Google Adsense account. In order to make money, members need to insert their own Google Adsense code on each submitted post. There are four types of Google Adsense slots available for each submitted post. Members are allowed to insert two Google Adsense Ad Units with size 300×250 and 160×600. The other two Google Adsense ads will be Link Units with size 468×15 and 160×90. One thing I like about RantRave is that members get 100% of the page impression. That means we make 100% revenue. This is definitely better than other revenue sharing website that only offers 50~60% page impression.

P/S: I think if the revenue sharing website is able to gather lots of traffic, 50~60% page impression can still make a lot of money. At the end, it’s the potential to make the most money matters.



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