Get Paid to Blog at Weblogs,inc

weblogsWeblogs,inc will pay you to blog and their only requirements are that you are totally honest with the audience and passionate about the subjects. There isn’t much info about this pay to blog website. The only info that I get from the site is that if you are interested then you just have to talk to their editorial team. I happened to look at their application form and it seems you need to submit 3 sample blogs posts in the style of the blog that you like to join. That’s the way to check if you are really qualified to blog or not.

Correct me if I’m wrong, Weblogs,Inc pays you to post for their blog. There are around 90 blogs that they created and we are suppose to post among these blogs in order to get paid. It looks like you are paid as a guest blog. This is something different then t. Bloggers like us sometimes hired others to guest blog and we pay them for their services. Normally we do this just to help up with our blogs or to cover the post for us when we are not around. Weblogs,Inc uses this idea to help grow their blogs. This method is good for getting content form many people. They just have to focus more on traffic and maximize the profits from their blogs. Individual blogger can apply this method too, finding the right person to guest blog can really spice up your blog.

P/S: Weblogs,Inc is no longer available.



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5 Responses to “Get Paid to Blog at Weblogs,inc”

  1. Tips For Bloggers says:

    I just signed up with Weblogs Inc. I compiled a list of 34 Sites That Pays Bloggers to Blog in my latest post.

    Happy blogging!

  2. Kumo says:

    Please let us know how you feel about their services. Maybe you can post a topic about it after testing it out for some time.

  3. Jean Costa says:

    And also if you find out the info on their payment system, that would be VERY helpful! 🙂

  4. says:

    thanks for the info.
    i have question: can i post the same content from my blog. my article are 100% written by me. is this allow in weblogs inc?

    edwin u

  5. Kumo says:

    I don’t think you can do that. The same duplicate content will be penalize by Google search engine. That goes the same to your blog.