Get Paid to Blog at B5Media

b5mediaB5Media is something like Weblogs,Inc. The difference between both the sites is that you get to bring your blog into B5Media network. That is if your blog meets their requirement. If you have a good idea for a blog, fill up their application and see if your idea gets accepted. B5Media is looking for bloggers that have great passion for blogging. That means a lot of writing, checking out blogs, reading and comments. Sound almost just like a full time job, don’t you think.

The same thing that I found in this site is that there is no guideline on payment method and how much bloggers will be paid. Maybe that will be discussed after you get accepted to blog for B5Media. If you check out their officers and people behind the site, you’ll find some familiar faces like Darren Rowse of, Shai Coggins of and many more.

Judging form the people behind the site, it shouldn’t be a bad deal blogging for B5Media.

P/S: B5Media is no longer available.



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  1. phostan says:

    Thanks for sharing, i’ll try it out!